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LPFM Compliance Check – Auckland


If you have been the subject of an audit from Radio Spectrum Management, have received a warning notice or even worse a fine for not complying with LPFM broadcasting regulations – we can help you.

RSM will inform you of what is wrong and it can sometimes be quite daunting knowing what to do to rectify the situation, expensive test equipment may also be required.

We mostly find that people are caught out on one or more of the following three things:

  • Occupied bandwidth over the stipulated limit, excessive bandwidth, excessive deviation¬† – this basically means too much volume into your transmitter and or not using any audio processing
  • ERP over the stipulated limit – transmitting more than 1Watt
  • Interference to aircraft and or other licensed services as a result of transmitter spurious emissions – usually caused by a faulty transmitter, antenna or both

What we will do:

We will visit your transmission site, carry out measurements and then make the necessary adjustments to ensure compliance.  If required we will repair any faulty gear and or supply a replacement.  Once everything is complaint, we will send evidence of this to RSM and communicate with them on your behalf Рexamples of evidence include (but is not limited to) spectrum analyser plots showing occupied bandwidth, power measurements, and antenna gain/system losses showing ERP.

This is a customised service, please contact us and we can discuss any specific requirements.


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