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Low Cost Pro III Stereo Coder (Crystal Controlled) Assembled PCB



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  • Compatible with ANY of our mono transmitters
  • Low Cost – High Performance
  • LED Indication for stereo/mono mode
  • Low noise – Low distortion
  • Uses standard phono sockets for Left/Right Inputs and MPX Output
  • Fuse protected
  • Left/Right channel 50uS or 75uS Pre-emphasis selectable
  • Crystal controlled 19kHz Pilot Tone

This is the well established NRG Pro 3 series Stereo Encoder. Using an improved pcb and layout, it provides excellent stereo performance and is the perfect companion for any of our mono transmitter kits. This kit will also provide full Stereo FM with most other quality FM transmitters. Dual Pre-emphasis (user adjustable) makes the kit compatible for any country whilst a fuse ‘crowbar’ circuit makes the unit damage-proof from reverse polarity connection. Dual leds indicate stereo or mono output and stereo/mono jumper is fitted, to enable easy testing.

Left and Right ident circuitry is fitted to the PRO III Stereo Coder and this ensures that Left and Right Channels can never reverse to give an inverted stereo image. This feature alone puts it way ahead of low cost stereo coders from other manufacturers.

Connection of this kit is very simple; the unit accepts the standard stereo Left and Right line-out from any stereo source and gives out a single multiplex signal, which can be fed directly into the input of ANY NRG mono transmitter and many other commercially available products.

Power Supply Required: regulated (11-15v) supply, 13.8v dc recommended.


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